FDB Statement on COVID-19

Dr Mehmood Syed, Middle East Regional Managing Director
Dear Customers and Partners,


FDB (First Databank) continues to operate its business and all of its software solutions as normal.


We are following advice from experts and authorities to enable staff to work from home where possible and we have well-developed contingency plans in place to operate as normal if this needs to continue for an extended period of time.


We are also following advice to temporarily stop all unnecessary travel and, although this involves not meeting customers face to face for the time being unless absolutely necessary, we will continue to hold meetings and be available to all of our customers remotely (by phone, email, WebEx).


We are acutely aware of the demands our healthcare customers are facing at the moment and we will do our very best to help in whatever ways we can. 


Please stay safe and be healthy,
Dr Mehmood Syed
Middle East Regional Managing Director