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Community Pharmacy

Integrated into the leading pharmacy IT systems, First Databank's products help community pharmacists improve patient care, save time and money and future-proof their business against changing requirements.

Middle East Drug Knowledge offers a breadth of clinical information and support to the community pharmacist including:

  • Monthly updated pick lists and pricing information
  • Open format data fields which can be used for drug licensing codes
  • Referential drug information, presented in a concise format, accessible whenever detailed information on a certain drug is required
  • Active clinical decision support providing a number of checks including drug-drug interactions, allergies and duplicate therapy, to support pharmacists during the dispensing process.

Using Middle East Drug Knowledge in a pharmacy IT system may help to reduce dispensing errors and frees up the pharmacist to spend more time with patients, thereby improving patient safety.

It also supports interoperability between systems as it enables the electronic transfer of prescriptions between the pharmacy and clinics via standard messaging.