FDB MedKnowledge™

Active drug knowledge to support safer prescribing in the Middle East
FDB MedKnowledge provides comprehensive, independent information on registered drugs from countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Middle East.

The FDB MedKnowledge database seamlessly integrates with clinical information systems and is used extensively by providers and regulatory organizations in the Middle East to support safer prescribing and dispensing. FDB MedKnowledge is also used by healthcare payers in the region to streamline drug claims processing and adjudication.

With over 30 years’ experience, FDB has built long-standing partnerships with leading clinical system vendors. FDB MedKnowledge seamlessly integrates into existing workflow and is used at the point of care as a trusted prescribing decision support tool, enabling clinical alerts and warnings that help to reduce prescribing errors. The Middle East version of the FDB MedKnowledge database includes medication labels in both Arabic and English.

Integrating FDB MedKnowledge helps providers derive maximum value from an electronic health record (EHR) implementation and helps them to achieve the highest levels of EMRAM (HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model).


Drug to Drug Interactions
The Drug-Drug Interaction Module works with healthcare information technology (HIT) systems to help clinicians identify clinically-significant drug interactions
Drug-Disease Contraindications
Decision support, including indications and contraindications, to help clinicians avoid adverse drug disease interactions.
Arabic Medication Labels
The Middle East version of the FDB MedKnowledge database includes medication labels in both Arabic and English.
Drug to Food Interactions
The Drug-Food Interaction Module alerts clinicians of potential interactions that may occur drugs and foods generating precautions for potential drug-food interaction.
Duplicate Therapy
Decision support that helps clinicians avoid inappropriate drug doubling or therapeutic doubling.
Global & Regional Drug Standards
The database includes standards for the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) codes, and Dubai Drug Codes (DDC). It also supports ICD9CM, ICD10CM and ICD10AM codes.

The Benefits of MedKnowledge

Improved Patient Safety

FDB MedKnowledge integrates into electronic patient record (EPR) and e-prescribing systems to support active clinical checking against a patient’s medication record, giving clinical staff, the support and information required to safely prescribe the most appropriate medications for the patient condition.  The real-time clinical alerts and warnings highlighted within the prescribing process assist in reducing the risk of medical errors.


Streamline Drug Claims Processing

FDB MedKnowledge offers comprehensive coverage of Middle East drugs, facilitating drug identification, drug utilization review and reimbursement decisions for health insurers, third-party administrators (TPA) and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM).


Improved Clinical Efficiency

FDB MedKnowledge integrates into the clinical workflow, providing comprehensive medications information at the point of care helping to support busy clinical staff and reduce prescribing errors. FDB MedKnowledge is reviewed, updated and interpreted by an in-house team of clinical pharmacists and researchers, ensuring fully quality checked, evidence-based medicines information.



Reduce Unwarranted Variation

FDB MedKnowledge delivers a single source of reliable, up-to-date medications information for all staff presented in a common format via the clinical information system. This supports consistency of drug-related clinical decision making and gives end users the confidence that they are using current medicines information.

Pharmacy Dispensing, e-Prescribing, Drug Claims Processing
Pharmacy Uses

FDB MedKnowledge supports dispensing systems across Hospital Pharmacy and Retail Pharmacy settings giving clinical staff the support and information required to safely prescribe the most appropriate medications.

The FDB solution has been a critical part of our overall solution to improve quality and reduce costs across the prescription medicine delivery system.
Joe Boulos
Group CEO
NAS United Healthcare Services

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