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Middle East Drug Knowledge

Middle East Drug Knowledge provides up-to-date information on registered drugs from the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East. When integrated into healthcare systems, clinicians benefit from access to drug information through clinical decision support.

First Databank's electronic clinical decision support is designed to provide healthcare professionals with intelligently filtered, patient-specific drug information at appropriate times throughout a patient's care. The emphasis is on supporting clinicians in their decision making, rather than making decisions for them.

When integrated into a clinical system and linked with an Electronic Health Record First Databank's clincial decision support provides the following modules:

  • Drug-drug interactions
  • Drug allergies
  • Duplicate therapy
  • Medication Name Concepts™
  • Clinical formulations and ingredient data
  • Package product
  • Regional specific data
  • TallMan™ lettering

Dose Range Check, Drug Contraindications and Arabic Patient Medication Labels.